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Packing For The Hunt

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Packing For The Hunt

When planning for your next trip out, whether you have a tag or you're going with a friend, some extra effort in packing can make a difference in how much you enjoy the trip.   I find it’s always helpful to have a printed checklist to make sure I don’t forget something really important, like toilet paper.   Once you get there, it’s too late to go back and get it or replace it. Uh, oh.  

For apparel, I like to look at the weather about a week out to decide what to pack.  Having a good idea of the forecast is useful; however, to be safe, I always pack a layering system.  It seems like no matter where I end up going to in North America, I always end up needing it; whether that’s due to cool mornings, the mid-day heat, or changes in the forecast.    I never leave my layers at home.

Here’s an example of my checklist for apparel if I am gone for a few days or up to a week. 

Azyre Clothing List 

I like to pack my clothing all layered together, then I can tie it to the exterior of my pack if I run out of space inside.   My Azyre gear was designed to layer together perfectly-  just look at how it all fits together.    It's hard to even notice that all 5 layers are zipped together.   Heidi, my dog knows the drill and is "helping" me pack. 

 Azyre Layered Apparel


For gear, I like to make sure I have a couple of little things to make camping more comfortable.  Comfy camp shoes are SO worth the extra space- just getting to slip your feet into something warm and comfortable after a long day hiking feels like a luxury.   

An extra tube of lip balm, just in case, and some dry shampoo helps me feel a little more normal.   Wet wipes for anything that comes up.  

Last but not least, I always bring my bible and daily devotional reading.   I know it's by the grace of God that I have the opportunity to go on these amazing trips.   I maintain my practice of daily prayer even when out in the mountains.

Here's my full packing list or click here for a printable version.  

Azyre Full Packing List

 Are you getting ready for a specific trip?  Missing a few layers or want to upgrade?   Check out our great gear here.