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    Empowering the outdoorswoman

    The most technically driven outdoor apparel designed for women, by women.

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    Gear that fits

    Technical hunting apparel designed specifically to fit a woman's body.

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    Powerful AND Pretty

    Our signature camo pattern has been tested to be fully functional in the elements, but still looks feminine and stylish.


    We believe in empowering the outdoorswoman to pursue her passions with confidence. 

    I’ve been blessed to spend most of my life exploring our beautiful world. I believe it is our responsibility to tend to our earth utilizing its bountiful gifts, and protecting the resources it provides us. I find myself closest to God and at peace when I’m hunting in the outdoors with my soulmate and husband, Leo. 

    In 2016 I recognized I was not alone. There are many other women who find inspiration, bond with friends and family, and enjoy life in the outdoors. It is my goal to recognize and empower these women to pursue their passions with confidence...

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